Make This the Best Year Ever: Spiritual Disciplines

Make This the Best Year Ever: Spiritual Disciplines

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A four-week series on four essential spiritual disciplines


This teaching series will challenge your students to practice spiritual disciplines in their lives, which will help transform them. The series was created to happen at the beginning of the year, but because spiritual disciplines are the primary focus, this series would work at any point during the year.

This four-week series focuses on the disciplines of...

  • Giving
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Bible Reading
  • Accountability


This series comes with resources to help you set up a "next steps" table (or information area) in your youth room that will allow students to focus on a discipline for a month at a time.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete teaching manuscripts for each message (Word files)
  • PowerPoint presentation and individual presentation slides (jpg files) for each message.
  • Series graphics (jpg, png, and pptx files)