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Connect with parents/grandparents using this Make Mealtime Family Time Kit #8. Awesome, powerful, easy family ministry.


Research has discovered that one of the most effective strategies parents and grandparents have for raising healthy, well-adjusted kids is to frequently eat meals together as a family. Family meals can include both fun and faith talk which can pass on a faith in Christ that lasts. Make Mealtime Family Time™
Kits will be loved by your parents/grandparents as well as your pre-teens and teens.

Kit #8 is designed to engage the total family in fun-n-faith during a shared mealtime at home or while out.

This Resource Includes:

• Read This First (pdf), overview for leaders
• 8 Mealtime Talk Teasers (pdf), energizes family fun-n-faith conversation
• Talk Snack (pdf), covers current issues
• Mealtime Activity Card (pdf), for family fun
• Sentence Stem Bible Study (pdf), easy for families to do together
• Recipe for a Mealtime Moment (pdf), a memorable family activity
• Healthy Snack Recipe (pdf), easy-to-make snacks
• Mealtime Idea Worth Trying (pdf), great ideas for moms/dads and grandparents to try.
• Editable Letter From You (pdf), you can personalize
• Editable Flier (Word), promote your Kits
• Editable Letterhead for Make Mealtime Family Time (Word), for notes of personal encouragement
• Editable PowerPoint Promo Slide), promote your Kits
• Editable Table Leader’s Guide (Word) to train those staffing giveaway table
• Hot from the Kitchen (pdf), mealtime info to give away at the table
• Table Sign (pdf), identifies giveaway table

Monthly Make Mealtime Family Time™
Kits contain fun-n-faith activities that parents can do with their pre-teens and teens during or immediately after a shared family meal at home or while out for a meal. There are three special Kits for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter for a total of 12.

Discount if you purchase all 12

• Great giveaway to parents/grandparents
• Use and giveaway at youth group and Sunday school events where parents/grandparents are present.
• Awesome for mealtimes at family retreats/camps
• Use at special events, family dinners, and cross-generational events
• Attractive gift for visiting families with pre-teens/teens

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