Make Mealtime Family Time: Easter Celebration Kit

Make Mealtime Family Time: Easter Celebration Kit

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Connect with parents/grandparents using this Easter Celebration Make Mealtime Family Time Kit #1. Awesome, powerful, easy family ministry.


This special Easter Celebration Kit is part of the monthly Make Mealtime Family Time™
Kits. Parents and grandparents can use the fun-n-faith activi-ties in this Kit to create memorable Easter mealtime moments with their families.

Research has discovered that one of the most effective strategies parents and grandparents have for raising healthy, well-adjusted kids is to frequently eat meals together as a family. Family meals can include both fun and faith talk which can pass on a faith in Christ that lasts. Make Mealtime Family Time™
Kits will be loved by your parents/grandparents as well as your pre-teens and teens.

Easter Celebration Kit #1 is designed to engage the total family in fun-n-faith during a shared mealtime at home or while out.

This Resource Includes:

• Read This First (pdf), overview for leaders
• Easter Conversation Coasters (pdf), energizes family fun-n-faith conversa-tion with four coasters
• Easter Scripture Napkin Rings (pdf), five Easter Bible verses
• Personalized Passage (pdf), engage family members uniquely in a Bible pas-sage
• Resurrection Cookies (pdf), for telling the story of Easter through making cookies
• Resurrection Reminder Rock (pdf), awesome Easter reminder
• Create-Your-Own Easter Place Mat (pdf), for prayer requests, doodling, faith questions, and more
• Editable Letter From You (pdf), you can personalize
• Editable Flier (Word), promote your Kits
• Editable Letterhead for Make Mealtime Family Time (Word), for notes of personal encouragement
• Editable PowerPoint Promo Slide), promote your Kits
• Editable Table Leader’s Guide (Word) to train those staffing giveaway table
• Table Sign (pdf), identifies giveaway table

Monthly Make Mealtime Family Time™
Kits contain fun-n-faith activities that parents can do with their pre-teens and teens during or immediately after a shared family meal at home or while out for a meal. There are three special Kits for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter for a total of 12.

Discount if you purchase all 12

• Great giveaway to parents/grandparents
• Use and giveaway at youth group and Sunday school events where parents/grandparents are present.
• Awesome for mealtimes at family retreats/camps
• Use at special events, family dinners, and cross-generational events
• Attractive gift for visiting families with pre-teens/teens

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