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An image-based game that a volunteer can lead straight from their phone or iPad!


Imagine a game that a volunteer could lead straight from their phone or iPad. Well…you don’t have to imagine it. “Lyrical Genius” is a lyrics game that can be played in an Instagram Story or straight from a volunteer’s phone or iPad. 

Once your volunteers have this game saved in their camera roll or in their “files” on their phone/iPad, they can lead this game with their small group whenever, wherever they want. 

You can also play this game using Instagram Stories.
The game is very simple. Each round, lyrics can be read out loud. Participants will try and guess the artist for one point AND the song title for an additional point. Students should keep track of their own scores. 

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete game document formatted for phones (pdf file)
  • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) game images formatted for phones (jpeg files)

Note from Author

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Pro tip: Airdrop this game to your volunteers or send them a dropbox link so that they can run it from their own personal devices for their small group(s).

Brock Odell