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Do your students believe in luck and chance? While looking at the Book of Esther, you'll show them where "lucky" moments lead Esther and how God might have been more at work than they realize.


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Do your students believe in luck and chance? Have they ever had moments where they weren’t sure how things turned out as they did, and it seemed like it was just luck?

In this one-off message, you will talk about something that seemed random at first glance. And, in fact, it might have been so random that it could have been considered “lucky.” While some might look at the events of the book of Esther as random or chance, what if your students look at the events as "God moments"?

What can they learn from these God moments for their own lives? What would it take for them to experience God moments of their own?

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• PowerPoint presentation file
• Individual presentation slides (Jpeg files)
• Title, content, stories, and square graphics (Jpeg files)


Richard Fleck

Richard is a 18 year youth ministry pastor and leader with a passion of reaching students with the message of Jesus.