Loving Like Jesus

Loving Like Jesus

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A 3-week series looking at how to develop a culture of loving like Jesus.


Editor's note: This is a really solid series. It has a strong theme that is carried consistently through the three weeks.

This series exposes three of the many ways that Jesus loves others and how He loves us. In each teaching, students will also get a look at how they love others the way that Jesus loves them. If we learned to fully love others like Jesus, then this world would see further transformation for God's kingdom.

Week 1: God has a name for you (John 1:42)

Week 2: We need to love by sitting with others (John 4:1–10, 17–18, 39–42)

Week 3: Love others by standing up for them (John 8:1–11)

This Resource Includes:
• 3 word-for-word manuscripts
• 3 small group guides
• Presentation graphics (jpg)
• Social media graphics (jpg)


Ben Lock

Ben is husband, dad, campus minister, and author! He loves backpacking, adventuring, photography, and graphic design. Basically, getting to see the creative beauty of Jesus and then getting to be creative.