Looking BACK for Your Friends' FUTURE

Looking BACK for Your Friends' FUTURE

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A four-week series about learning how to share Jesus with others.


How do I share Jesus with the people around me? How do I share Jesus with my friends? In this four-week series, based loosely on the Back to the Future films, you and your students will travel back in time 2,000 years to discover how those who walked with Jesus while He was on this Earth invited their friends to a life-saving, life-changing relationship with Him. You will help your students discover what to say and what to do when it comes to sharing Jesus with others. You will help them discover how to do this through invitations, outreach and missions, and through their existing relationships. This series includes media and small group questions for each message.

Week 1: Essentials for Talking About Jesus
Week 2: Everyone Loves Invitations
Week 3: Leveraging Relationships in Your Actions, Lifestyle, & Words
Week 4: Mission Possible!

What’s included:
• Word for word teaching manuscript for each week (Word files)
• Small Group Guide for each week (Word files)
• Media package