Like a Prayer

Like a Prayer

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A complete night of programming that will encourage students to evaluate their prayer life and pursue effective prayer.


This message/small group/screen game focuses on effective prayer. It asks questions “How is your prayer life? Is it effective? Do you sense God working on your behalf, or are you stuck?” It also reminds students that there is no one who is too far gone to receive God’s grace and mercy, and there is no one who is good enough so that they don’t need His grace and mercy.

This Resource Includes:
• A complete sermon (1900+ words) [Word file]
• A small group leader guide (Both in Word files and an unedited PDF)
• A complete screen game called “God or Girlfriend”
• Stage design ideas
• Comprehensive graphics package
• Social media integration plan
• Pre & post service music playlist
• A worship set
• A unicorn

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Andrew Larsen


Timothy Miller