Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark

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A 3-week message series exploring the life-giving power of light against the backdrop of darkness.


Have you ever been camping, and just got lost watching the fire? The light from a campfire has a way of drawing us in and captivating us, doesn’t it? Especially with the backdrop of night, the light seems to be uniquely powerful to us. This concept of light and dark goes beyond a fascination with fire. It is a relationship that predates humanity, and my even show us the key to experiencing what our lives are all about! In this series your students will discover what light is all about and how to tap into its power. No matter where your students find themselves in their journey with or without God, these are three weeks they can’t afford to miss!

What’s included:
3 complete, word for word message transcripts (Word files)

Week 1: What is light?
Week 2: Into the dark
Week 3: Resolving the tension

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