Life Group Annual Contract

Life Group Annual Contract

GOLD members pay $1.95
Get all your students to commit and sign this pledge for effective small group community


This is a basic, relational contract for teenagers to sign prior to being in a small group. For two bucks, this is a great piece to save you a lot of time. Make a few edits of word choices, hit save, print… pass out to teenagers. Bingo!

This is what Justin wrote to his teenagers:
Life Groups are not for everyone. However you have decided that it is for you and we are OVER THE MOON EXCITED. We believe that God has some BIG things in store for everyone involved in Life Groups this year, so thank you for allowing us to be part of your continually growing faith journey. But before we go any further, let’s be clear what we are asking you to say yes to as part of a relational community. This one page contract must be read and signed before you can be placed in a group.

justin Herman