Life After the Alarm Clock (Zzzzz vs. Purpose)

Life After the Alarm Clock (Zzzzz vs. Purpose)

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How will you live after the alarm clock goes off? A three-week series in Matthew 25 about purpose that's worth getting out of bed for.


DOUG'S NOTE: I like this series a lot! All 3 messages are from the same chapter, fresh/fun opening illustrations, sprinkled with humor to keep students awake, etc...The bumper video alone is worth the price of everything.

Life After the Alarm Clock is a three-week message series all about following Jesus and living with purpose after the alarm clock goes off.

Using the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25, this series challenges students to evaluate the things that are getting them out of bed and what they're living for. Each message covers one of the three parables in Matthew 25 and how Jesus invites us to live a committed, faithful, and compassion-filled life of following Him.

The series is perfect for the beginning of the school year or the New Year.

Week 1 - Committed
Week 2 - Faithful
Week 3 - Compassionate

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This Resource Includes:

  • Series overview document (Word file)
  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Bumper video (mp4 file)
  • Title and content slide (jpeg files)


Note from Author

About this Product
• Use alarm clock props and images (old school to iPhone) throughout this series to reinforce the message and give them an object to remember. • Take advantage of crowd interaction to keep them engaged with the message.
Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. He serves at a local church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He enjoys writing message and small group content for youth groups but struggles to write personal bios.