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Students are guided through the meaning of Jesus being the light in their lives and what it means to bring that light into the darkness we are surrounded by.


Our world sometimes feels like a dark place. More and more students are struggling with mental health challenges. The future, once bright, now seems dark and uncertain. Yet as Christmas approaches, we have a yearly reminder that light conquers darkness. Jesus is called the "Light of the World," and over 2000 years ago, a night sky lit up for a group of shepherds minding their own. At that moment, God declared the darkness was ending, that the King had been born, and he would change everything. What would it be like if your students knew this to be true and lived their life as if the truth mattered?


Option 1:  Use this in a Group Setting
Follow along in the Facilitator’s Guide and you’ll find instructions, time frames, and extra notes just for you.  The student handouts are on a separate file; be sure to make copies for each student in your group.

Option 2: Use this in a Mentoring Relationship or for an individual student.
Just make a copy of the Student Handout and give it (or send it) to the student (all the instructions they need are already there).  If you are mentoring a student, just make an extra copy of the Student Handout for yourself and walk alongside the student as he/she goes through this study.

This Resource Includes: 

  • Facilitator Guide (Word & pdf)
  • Student Guide (Word & pdf)

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