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One of the most powerful gifts a follower of Christ can learn is learning about the need to love and be loved. Use this resource to teach your students about this core need and how God fills that need in their lives.


Every person in the world has a core need to "love and be loved." God hardwired it into who we are. He created us to be in a relationship with him and each other. Your students feel this core need more than any other age group. It's what connects them, drives them, and is why things like social media have such a strong pull. The challenge for you is to help your Student Leaders understand that their core need to "love and be loved" cannot be filled by the things of this world, more likes on Instagram, or a higher view count on TikTok.


Option 1: Use this in a Group Setting
In this Facilitator Guide, you will find instructions, time frames, and extra notes just for you. The student guide is in a separate file; be sure to make copies for each student in your group.

Option 2: Use this in a Mentoring Relationship, or for an individual student
Just make a copy of the Student Guide and give it (or send it) to the student (all the instructions they need are already there). If you are mentoring a student, make an extra copy of the Student Guide for yourself and walk alongside the student as he/she goes through this study.


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