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Teach your students the secret to leading like Jesus


Compassion is one of the most important elements of leadership. It helps leaders understand what their team members and followers need, and it helps direct them to the best possible actions. As a leader, compassion comes from putting ourselves in others’ shoes and drawing from God’s own heart of compassion. But as a leader, compassion is quickly thrown out the window when we are faced with pressure and negative feedback. The purpose of this download is to teach students how to draw near to the compassionate heart of God and what that can mean in their own lives and leadership styles. HOW TO USE THIS RESOURCE Option 1: Use this in a Group Setting 
If you have a student leadership type of group, use this to guide discussion and training for your meeting. Use it to spur conversation and transition to applying these concepts in your ministry!

Option 2: Use this in a Mentoring Relationship, or for an individual student
Just make a copy of the Student Handout and give it (or send it) to the student (all the instructions they need are already there).  If you are mentoring a student, make an extra copy of the Student Handout for yourself and walk alongside the student as he/she goes through this study.

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