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We make decisions all the time. Weighing the good and the bad. Making pro-con lists. Maybe even getting advice from people we trust. But sometimes, we make decisions blindly. We have a great idea or become so passionate about something, that we don't consider how hard it will be to make that idea a reality. It's like the football team who dreams of making it to the state championship, but doesn't take a long look at the grueling practices, early morning runs, and boot camp mentality it will take to get them there. They want to win, they may even expect to win, but they haven't really counted the cost of winning. The same can be true of our leadership and even our relationship with Jesus.

Many high school students call themselves Christians and want a relationship with Christ, but have never really thought about what it would take to follow Him. They didn't count the cost, and the result is about 60% of churched kids become unchurched in college. It happens in leadership too. Students are some of the best leaders in the world. Big movements (especially in the church) often start with youth. But when student leaders don't count the cost, they find themselves at the end of the semester barely involved in the leadership team or role they made a commitment to. Anything worth doing will cost something. They key is to look at the cost and plan for it. That's how great leaders are made, and how disciples of Jesus become unstoppable.
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