Just a Kiss

Just a Kiss

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A 3-week series to help students have no excuses in their relationships


Have you ever heard a student give the excuse, "It was just a kiss"? Teenagers have many excuses they are using to defend their ideas on romantic relationships. However, God's intention for them is to have relationships with no excuses.

"Just a Kiss" is a 3-week series on romantic relationships for teenagers. The goal of this series is to equip students with the ability to have pure relationships with no excuses.

WEEK 1: "The Choice": to date, or not to date
WEEK 2: "The Pursuit": purity
WEEK 3: "The Goal": marriage

Also included with the notes, each week has content for a take-home card and web resources specific to each week's topics. These are great tools students can refer to during the week for daily help and accountability.

Joe McArthur