Jesus Paid It All Prayer Experience

Jesus Paid It All Prayer Experience

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Jesus Paid It All is a prayer experience that will encourage students to dwell on the sacrifice that Jesus made for them and how that affects every area of their lives. If you want your students to own their faith, this is a cool way to help them do that.


Jesus Paid It All is a prayer experience with five stations that will encourage students (and even adults) to reflect on their relationships with Jesus. Prayer stations are interactive elements that invite people to engage with Scripture and connect with God in creative, kinesthetic ways. Some stations instruct people to create a physical reminder, while others encourage people to leave something behind in order to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly. 

This resource includes instructions for the youth pastor, volunteers, and participants, display signs for the stations, supply list and setup guide, prayer station overview for volunteers, images of sample stations, and a slideshow with Scriptures and inspirational quotes. All you need to do is gather the supplies and set up the experience.

This Resource Includes: 

  • Instructions document (Word file)
  • Overview document for volunteers (Word file)
  • Prayer station display signs (Word file)
  • Supplies and setup guide (Word file)
  • Powerpoint presentation file
  • Individual presentation slides (jpeg files)
  • Sample prayer station images (jpeg files)

Note from Author

About this Product
These stations can be used independently if you are looking for a creative way for students to respond at the end of a teaching time, or all together for a special night of worship. Leading up to Easter is a great time for this resource since the focus is on the sacrifice that Jesus made.

Kayla Jeffers