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Hilarious game with #nofilter


Get your hands on the youth ministry game that will have your students hiding their phones! Instahack is a game where a contestant risks their Instagram reputation at the chance of winning awesome prizes by answering a series of multiple choice questions. If they get a question wrong, one of 9 awful things may happen to their Instagram:

  1. Unfollow 5 friends
  2. Unfollow 20 friends
  3. Unfollow ALL friends
  4. Obsessed - Pick a random follower and like every single one of their pictures!
  5. Roadkill - Post an Instagram of roadkill (decent pics included) and leave a caption that says, "Yikes! Just hit someone's cat! Lol!"
  6. Rash - Post an Instagram of a rash (decent pics included) and leave a caption that asks for ointments.
  7. Love is in the air - Snap a pic of the student with another student and make the caption say, "She/He finally said YES!!! Love him/her so much!!!"
  8. Confession Time - Have the contestant take a self-shot, post it, and leave a caption that says, "Truth is: I wet the bed because I'm lazy."
  9. Mystery - Have fun doing whatever comes to your mind!!!
The entire package comes with the following:
  1. The epic Instahack Intro Video
  2. Eight Instahack questions (The Starter Question Pack included - additional question packs are available with more coming soon!)
  3. Each question is separated into three seamless videos:
  4. The Question: Question and answers slide in with a Polaroid sound effect.
  5. Correct Answer: The four answers slide out and the correct answer slides in with a nice DING DING!
  6. Wrong Answer: The four answers slide out and a big "WRONG!" slides in with a discouraging WAAA WAAA!
  7. Hack Spinner video with 10 hacks to land on.
  8. A "Read Me" pdf with all the instructions you'll need to set up and play this game!
  9. The satisfaction of having one of the best youth ministry games of all time!

Game is intended to use with ProPresenter or MediaShout. The game can be used with Powerpoint and Keynote, but many be more difficult to operate due to non-linear answers from contestants. In other words, you need software that allows you to quickly jump to the correct slide based on the contestant's answer.
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DYM Team

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