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Hack the Instagram algorithm with a fun, engaging game that will make your students stop and look through your profile and stories.


Editor's note: This resource is gold! It should be used in every youth group Instagram for the purpose that Isaac lays out in his video. This simple game will drive up interaction and cause your account to be seen by many more than normal. 
Do you want HIGH engagement with your Instagram account and not just a quick scroll? This media mini-game was designed to help you hack the algorithms with your youth group’s social media account so that you can be seen first and more often. 

The riddles in this resource are not intended to be quick, easy, simple answers. The main purpose of this resource is to force students to navigate forward and backward in the Instagram Story as well as visit your youth group’s main Instagram page. Through all of this navigation, Instagram sees how much time they are spending on your account, and your page will be one of the first seen in their stories and posts. It also helps connect accounts that are similar to yours in the “explore” part of Instagram.

Watch the videos to get a better description of the game and how it works!

This Resource Includes: 

  • Instructions document on how to post and solve the game (Word file)
  • Video on why and how using the game hacks the Instagram algorithm (mp4 file)
  • Promo video (mp4 file)
  • 10 videos ready to be posted on your Instagram Story (mp4 files)
  • 1 Instagram post (jpeg file)

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Make the prize super fun! Students will spend time figuring it out if they know they can win something fun!

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