Insta Devo Ephesians

Insta Devo Ephesians

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A collection of 24 short devotionals working through the book of Ephesians for students to create short Insta Devo videos for the student ministry social media account!


Editor's note: I loved this! I would totally use this for our church. Even adults would need something like this.

Insta Devos are short devotionals that students can film and give to the student ministry to be posted on the student ministry Instagram (and other social media) account! It's a great way for students to share about Christ on social media and works with middle school and high school!

This resource includes a how-to guide and a collection of 24 short devotionals working through the book of Ephesians. The majority of the devotionals can stand on their own, which means you can either work through all 24 or pick and choose which you want students to do. Each devotional has a short introduction for context, a passage from Ephesians, and three questions that students can use as prompts to respond to the passage. They typically result in devotional videos around 3-4 minutes long.

This Resource Includes:
• Instructions document (Word file)
• 24 one-page devotional guides (Word file)
• Graphics (jpeg, png, psd files)


Heather McNutt

Heather is a twenty year volunteer youth leader.

Matthew McNutt

Matthew is a youth pastor, speaker, author, ministry coach, and Pac-Man warrior.