Impossible Shot 2.0

Impossible Shot 2.0

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Challenge your students with this fun opening game for your ministry or use it as a way to incentivize bringing new friends!
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Josh's Note: We play this EVERY week in our ministry, it's a winner every time. No one has ever gotten tired of it! I can't wait to use these new images to bring a fresh update to something I love having as part of my youth ministry.

The Impossible Shot is a youth ministry classic - and it's gotten a re-fresh! The Impossible Shot is a great opening game for your ministry, or even better, use it as a way to encourage students to bring friends and develop a culture of inviting. 

Each student only gets one shot - can they make it? 

This Resource Includes: 

  • Print and Gameplay Instructions (Word) 
  • Video Bumper (0:17sec) (mp4) 
  • Professionally printable images for two targets, one the words "Impossible Shot" and the other an Impossible Shot Llama (.ai and PDF)
  • Title Image (jpg)

Check out this awesome promo video this youth ministry did to hype the Impossible Shot 2.0!