Impact: How to Influence Others

Impact: How to Influence Others

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A three-week series on how to influence people in the ways Jesus did.


Editor's note: this series has a ton of good content! Wow!

Jesus was a master at influencing people. He didn't command people; He influenced them with love and service. This series helps students understand the principles Jesus used to influence others for His kingdom. This is a great series to go more deeply into what it means to build influential relationships with peers both inside and outside the church.

Week 1: Defining Influence
Week 2: Influential Service
Week 3: Bringing Out the Best in Others

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscripts for each week (Word files)
• Abbreviated message outlines for each week (Word files)
• PowerPoint presentation files for each week
• Individual presentation slides for each week (jpeg files)

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