Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

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In this screen game, students guess the secret identities of popular super heroes.


Do your students know the man behind the mask? This screen-based game is a perfect match if you’re doing a talk on identity or masks.

Here’s how the game works: Students are shown a picture of a superhero along with the superhero’s name. They have to guess the superhero’s secret identity.

There’s lots of different ways you can play this game but here are a couple of our favorite game play options.

- Text in your answer: to get the whole crowd and their phones involved, have students text in their answer and show their answers on the screen (you can use a free service like Poll Everywhere). The first one to answer the question correctly wins!

- Head-to-Head: have two students face off at the front of the room. Have the competing students stand face to face with their hands behind their back. Place a buzzer in front of the competing students on a table or stand. The first student to hit the buzzer guesses first.

Pro Tip: For a game like this, allow students to use their phones to get the answers. That way all students (even those who aren’t into comics) can play.

Here’s what’s included:

    • JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
    • Complete PowerPoint game file (editable)
    • Title Slide
    • Instructions Slide
    • 10 individual gameplay slides (questions and answers)

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Ken Mcintyre