Ho Ho Oh No!

Ho Ho Oh No!

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A new Christmas favorite that requires contestants to HOller out, not HOld their tongues!


Anyone can tell you Santa’s catchphrase, but who will be the first to guess each of these other answers beginning with “H-O”?

And, in this race to shout out the correct answer, it’s OH NO for the loser!

Designed to be played as head-to-head trivia (or in teams) with each team losing a member with each wrong answer.

The “Oh No” factor is really up to you, but we suggest a series of Christmas-themed consequences for incorrect guesses.

For example:

• Pumpkin Pie in the face
• Baby Carrot Shower (including the watery juice from the bag!)
• Milk and Cookies...give them a cookie, then dump milk on their head.

• Egg Nog Surprise

• Santa’s beard! (Vaseline their face and smash cotton balls on it!)
• Eat an entire fruitcake

• Suck on a candy cane until it becomes a weapon and fight to the death. (okay, okay, that’s probably too far...check your church insurance policy first.)

This Resource Includes:
• 10 National Holiday JPEGS


DYM Team