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A three-week message and small group series on boundaries and choices.


We set walls up in our lives when we draw boundaries and set standards for ourselves. Sometimes students find themselves in sit-uations before considering where they stand on particular issues. This series urges and guides students to examine personal bounda-ries and choices in light of God’s standards for life.
A boundary means two things: 1) what’s inside is important and val-uable, & 2) what’s outside is risky and potentially dangerous. When we move from boundaries and walls to understand God’s standards for our lives, we find freedom within the protection of being guarded by God’s love for us. Message Topics Include:
- Week 1: The types of walls in our lives
- Week 2: Boundaries in our friendships and relationships
- Week 3: Non-negotiables and standards of holiness

This Resource Includes:
- Three complete message manuscripts (Word files)
- Small Group Guides for each week (Word files)
- Series graphics with title, blank, & social images (jpeg files)