Greater Than Sex

Greater Than Sex

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A three-week teaching series on sexuality with a 21-day IG devotional. Students will explore how Jesus is GREATER THAN any revelation the world might make about sex, sexuality, and relationships.
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Motivate your youth with the message of sexual integrity with this three-week series. It will paint the grand picture seen in Scripture and go beyond the “just don’t do it” rhetoric that often happens in sex talks.

Help your students build a foundation for future conversations on sex and relationships that stay centered on Jesus Christ. Each week will explore God’s Grand Design for sex as the sex-maker. It will also give them the opportunity to grow outside of your youth group with a 21-day Instagram devotional that works alongside each talk.

Week 1: God's Grand Story (includes sex)
Week 2: Foundations for Sex
Week 3: Are God's Standard's Possible Today?

Note: All talks are meant to be 30-35 minutes with small group involvement. However, every talk is easily adjustable to fit your youth ministry. The goal is to give you as many tools for discussion as possible which means that some of the content might not be used!

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This Resource Includes:
• Series user guide (pdf file)
• Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
• Speaker outlines for each week (Word files)
• Presentation slides for each week (png files)
• Small group guides for each week (Word files)
• Leader outlines for each week (Word files)
• Introductory parent letter (Word file)
• Parent outlines for each week (Word files)
• 21-day Instagram devotional with user guide (pdf, jpeg, and Word files)


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