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Four-week series based on the idea that certain behaviors lead to certain results.


Gravity is a powerfully relevant and well-written series about boundaries, about the idea that God created the world with built-in laws. Certain behaviors lead to certain results. These laws are as predictable as the laws of nature. You could call them the laws of life. God loves us and wants us to experience life the way it was meant to be lived, and that’s the heart behind the boundaries he has placed in our lives.

Week 1 – The Law of Magnets
The Law of Magnets states that we become like our friends. Our friends hold a magnetic pull over our lives. This is a message about the powerful influence of a crowd.

Week 2 – The Law of Glue
The Law of Glue states that intimacy is glue. This message explores why breakups hurt. To cross the emotional and physical boundaries is to glue yourself to another person. To tear yourself away after gluing yourself to someone is painful and scarring.

Week 3 – The Law of Robots
The Law of Robots states that we aren’t what we do. The goal of this message is to help students realize that we are all treasured children of God and are not defined by what we do or how others see us.

Week 4 – The Law of Screens
The Law of Screens states that we are what we watch. This is a message about learning wisdom with media choices. What we choose to look at deeply influences how we think and act and what our future will look like.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Four editable, word-for-word manuscripts, each about 2,500 words
  • Small group questions for each message
  • Title slide (jpg) 

Aaron Buer