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The Christian life is the most real-life possible. And yet, it doesn't always translate to our students. This one-off message will show students how pursuing holiness brings real life.


Sometimes, the Christian life can sound like "God Talk." This one-off message walks through Colossians chapter 3 and looks at a common theme in Scripture that could easily be taken as "God Talk" but, in reality, brings real life. In this lesson, you will challenge your students to pursue holiness. Not only that, but it will give your students real-life reasons "why" they should pursue holiness.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete message manuscript (Word file)
  • Small group guide (Word file)
  • Title and content slides (jpeg files)


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David Wood

Hi! My name is David. I am a Student Pastor and a Magician. Sometimes I get to do both of those things at once.