Girls Night Or Girls Lock-In Event

Girls Night Or Girls Lock-In Event

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A fully planned girls-only event!


This resource is everything you need to put on a one-night girls event for your student ministry. The itinerary is planned for an entire night (lock-in) but cut out what you want/need in order to make it just a few-hour girls' night event. 

All activities, games, crafts, food, and content have been planned in detail.

It is perfect to use as an outreach event or to build community amongst the girls who are already involved. All you need to add are the volunteers and the students!

The theme of the teaching and small group time is about beauty and inner beauty. It's a message every girl still needs to hear.

This Resource Includes:

  • Author video (mp4 file)
  • Event overview document (Word file)
  • Detailed event itinerary (Word file)
  • Graphics (Titles, Instagram Square, and Instagram Stories) (jpeg files)
  • Details & To-Dos list with links (Word file)
  • Adult leader and student invitation content (Word files)
  • Example student invitation (pdf file)
  • Adult leader meeting agenda (Word file)
  • Student follow-up cards example (Word file)
  • Complete teaching manuscript on inner beauty (Word file)
  • Small group guide (Word file)


Note from Author

About this Product
If you are a dude youth pastor--ask one of your best organized and available female volunteers (or a team of ladies) to run this event. You can help them do the back-end prepping but this is an easy win for the girls in your ministry.

Sabrina Hadro

As the super part time youth director at my church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I get to bring together the call and gifts the Holy Spirit has given me, alongside of 14 years of youth ministry experience in various church sizes and denominations, to lead a team to share the Gospel with teenagers. My first job is wife and mother to 3 littles under 5 years old (pray for me) and I squeeze in gardening, sharing with DYM, sports, and guitar during nap times!