Gender Games

Gender Games

GOLD members pay $2.60
A throw down, guys vs. girls activity night to see who is the “supreme gender.”


Nothing like a little competition to bring a group of girls and guys together!

A great way to unite the girls/guys and/or pit them against each other! Each gender will have their strength, knowledge, communication and stomach challenged in this exciting competition that creates a great sense of comradery and competition to your youth group.

The event as a whole produces a great opportunity for team work, encouragement and a blending of all age groups to come together. It’s a great way to break down walls of grades/cliques by forcing them to work together and encourage one another.

Use in segments as opening activities on several nights, or use together in as a single event of full programming! Great for retreats, activity nights, party prep, or in regular meetings.


Emily Laudenslager