Gears and Exploding Kittens: Volume 1

Gears and Exploding Kittens: Volume 1

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A video-based game where each kitten’s fate is in your hands!


Gears and Exploding Kittens is a hilarious game where students are presented with a set of gears and two buttons. They must decide if the starting gear should turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Once the gears start, they form a chain reaction that results in either a red or a green button being pressed. If the green button is pressed, the level is passed and the kitten is safe! If the red button is pressed… the kitten explodes (in a cartoony, make-believe, silly fashion … for our PETA friends… not real cats… not intended to be unfriendly to cats… exploding lizards or apples wasn’t as funny. No animals were hurt with the making of this game)!!!

This game is run by playing a series of seamless video clips. Just click on the starting clip to show the level. Then, either press the "Clockwise" clip or "Counterclockwise" clip based on what the students decided! The game includes 9 rounds, each with three video clips (Intro, Counterclockwise, and Clockwise).

Can be played as an upfront or crowd game.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete (9 rounds – each round containing three video clips) video resources (mp4 files)
• Instructions (pdf file)
• Title Slide (jpeg file)

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Parker Stech