Full of Bologna

Full of Bologna

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Are you kidding?! No way! You’re FULL OF BOLOGNA! The audience attempts to decipher which crazy facts are true and which ones are FULL OF BOLOGNA! This game comes with three fun variations to play that will hopefully get your crowd buzzing. 🐷


🐷 Are your students brushed up on their trivia? Does it sound too out there? This game is filled with 20 crazy facts that sound too wild to be true. This game will hopefully get your audience talking as they debate if the prompts are the ""Truth"" or full of ""Bologna""! 

🐷 This game comes with three different ways to play that range from your audience sitting in their seats, moving around the room, or having contestants on stage (and maybe facing some punishments for wrong answers, see Pro Tip!). Everything you need to know is in your included Instruction Guide. 

🐷 Have your hosts screen the questions and answers ahead of time so they can try to sway their audience and have fun with it! 

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint (static slides) game file
  • Individual (20 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Individual (20 Q&A + instructions) game videos (mp4 files)
  • Instruction guide (Word file)


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About this Product
If you are playing this game with a few contestants on stage and want to raise the stakes, if the contestant gets the answer incorrect, have your hosts throw a piece of bologna at them. Or make that contestant eat a piece of bologna, spam, or some other gross food you can find at your grocery store. 🐷
Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman

Amanda worked in youth ministry for 7 years in Orange County, teaching students how to use their creativity to serve. She now leads a 6th grade lifegroup & loves to create DYM content!