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Three-week series about building healthy, lasting friendships.


Fri[end]s is a three-week series about building and maintaining healthy, lasting friendships. Not only is this a key-topic for youth ministry, but this is also one of the very real ways youth workers can help teenagers think deeply about a few key relationships during their teenage years.

Week 1 – Friends Come First
You will become a better friend when you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. This involves becoming a better listener and being willing to forgive your friends when they hurt you.

Week 2 - Friends re[build] Trust
True friends care more about sustaining a friendship than about holding a grudge. Trust takes years to build, but one selfish act can destroy it.

Week 3 - Friends Fight
Friends know what’s worth fighting for and how to fight clean. For those who learn how to fight right, conflict can make their friendships stronger.

This Resource Includes:
• Editable, word-for-word manuscripts in Word document format (2,000+ words each)
• Small Group questions for each message


Brent Wernsing