FREEBIE: Mental Illness Handbook

FREEBIE: Mental Illness Handbook


Help parents navigate the dark and lonely path that mental health issues can put teenagers on. Enlightening information.


Help parents navigate the dark and lonely path that their student's mental health issue can put them on. Mental issues are a growing epidemic in teenagers in this generation. As youth workers, we want to help their parents understand and empathize with those issues while also giving them a place to find solutions.

Use this resource as a reference for you to have conversations or send it out to families who may be able to benefit from the massive amount of information provided.

Topics -
• What is Mental Health? What is Mental Illness?
• Mental illness indicators
• Mental Illness Descriptions
• How Do I Have a Conversation with My Child about Mental Health?
• How Can I Find Help for My Child?

This Resource Includes:
• A 34-page Word file handbook


DYM Team