FREEBIE: Fast Stack

FREEBIE: Fast Stack

Grab some Solo cups and have a blast with this game!


How simple and fun is this premise: We give you a picture of some Solo cups, and you have to copy that exact order and color.

How simple and fun is this:

1) Bring a few contestants up front
2) They all see a picture on the screen of various colored Solo cups
3) The contestants have to copy that exact order from the screen
4) The last one to finish is eliminated each round
5) During the final round, play a 2 out of 3 championship.

Title slide & 9 different round slides included. Super simple and fun! We gave away a Starbucks cup to the winner too - use the leftover cups for the church kitchen supply when you're done!

NOTE: This game requires Solo cups, so you may need to swing by your local Party store and pick some up for it to work.

Colors required: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue & pink


Josh Griffin