Free and Loved Video Pack

Free and Loved Video Pack

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Three short Scripture-based videos to use as transitional elements in your program to remind students they are completely loved, free, and made new in Christ.


Doug and Josh's Note: We already used "Made New" last weekend in our youth ministry! We love great transition videos.

Use these transition videos to create a pause between a song and a message, or a game and a song, to bring the focus to "What are we talking about today?" Each of these videos are Scripture-based, focusing on themes of being made new, being completely loved, and being set free in Christ. 

This Resource Includes: 

  • 3 Videos
    • Made New (0:45min, mp4 file)
    • Completely Loved (0:31min, mp4 file)
    • Freedom in Christ (0:32min, mp4 file)



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