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In a world where we are so busy and things around us often seem so wrong, it can be easy to miss how our stories are woven into the grand narrative of God. This seven-session teaching series invites students to join in the work of the Holy Spirit as participants in the story God continues to write.


This is a seven-session teaching series that can be used on a seven-day mission trip or as a seven-week series with your youth group.

The stories in the Bible are not standalone accounts of people, places, and events though; the Bible is one cohesive grand narrative of the Triune God who created all things, loves all things despite brokenness and sin, came down in flesh to redeem all things, and is weaving a master plan to bring all things back to himself. All stories of all people, places, and events in the Bible are part of this grand narrative. At first read, biblical narratives may seem to tell the story of a prophet, a country, or a miracle but really Bible stories are only a little bit about these things. They are mostly about God.

Session 1 - The Story of Abraham and Sarah: God’s Restoration Begins
Session 2 - The Story of Moses: God Provides All We Need for the Journey
Session 3 - The Story of Rahab: God Calls Us to Obedience
Session 4 - The Story of David: God Uses Imperfect People
Session 5 - The Story of Amos: God Calls Us to Justice
Session 6 - The Story of Jesus: God’s Restoration is Fulfilled
Session 7 - The Story of Lydia: God’s Restoration Advances

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This Resource Includes:

  • Introductory material document (Word file)
  • Teaching guides (outline with lots of introductory explanation on where to take the message, these are NOT manuscripts) (Word files)
  • Small group discussion guides (Word files)
  • Title & content slides (jpeg files)


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