Food Fundamentals

Food Fundamentals

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10 students = how many tacos? What snacks should I pack for our summer trip? This resource has equations, lists, ideas, and tips to make feeding your students less stressful.


Doug's note: This is AWESOME! I could never do this on my own and it's so helpful. I'd hand this to a parent or volunteer who helps with food and this is all he/she would need. Such a GREAT DYM resource.

This resources has ideas, tips, tricks and equations to help feeding your crew be less stressful so you can focus on what your trip or event is really about!

This Resource Includes:
• Word Document that includes: - Food Math: approximate amount per student for popular foods you might serve at your next event.
- Snack and a Movie Ideas: easy food pairings that can turn your next movie night into an event
- Snack Ideas: healthy snacks and portion sizes per student for your next trip
- Tips and tricks that make feeding your crew more simple and practical


Allison Williams