Five Minute Drills

Five Minute Drills

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Ten field-tested, character-based, ready-to-go devotionals for sports teams or FCA meetings.


Editor's note: This is a very handy resource for youth workers who speak at FCA, Christian clubs, or to sports teams. 

Sharing character-based devotional topics with sports teams is a great way to offer Jesus to student-athletes in your area. Establish a relationship with a coach and gain access to the team for pre-game or weekly talk. Then, use these 10, ready-to-go, field-tested team devotional talks. 

Think about your role as a missionary who is being sent by God into the school mission field. This resource will help you form talks to share with school sports teams.

Each topic includes two messages designed around a common theme. You can teach these topics in order, or pick and choose from the topics covered.

Topic #1: Integrity
Bottom Line: Be the same person in all aspects of life: on the field, on a date, in school, or at home.

Message #1 – Living in Boxes
Message #2 – Consistency Is Key

Topic #2: Excellence
Bottom Line: Focus on the process and not the outcome. Excellence requires presence and sacrifice.

Message #3 – Be Completely Present
Message #4 – Give It All

Topic #3: Persistence
Bottom Line: Enduring and persisting through adversity creates character that lasts.

Message #5 – When the Going Gets Tough
Message #6 – Until the Final Whistle Blows

Topic #4: Serving
Bottom Line: To be first, you must be last. To lead is to serve.

Message #7 – Servant Leadership
Message #8 – Losing It All

Topic #5: Achievement
Bottom Line: To get to where you want to be, you have to know who you are, where you are, and where you want to be.

Message #9 – Who Am I? Where Am I?
Message #10 – Just Over the Horizon

This Resource Includes: 

  • How-To Guide (Word)
  • 10 Manuscripts (Word)