First Mate’s Orders

First Mate’s Orders

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Follow the orders given by the First Mate or you are out.


A great all-play interactive game that gets everyone up and moving. This game is an excellent group opening activity that involves everyone. This game tires students out quickly and is so much fun.

The first mate calls out orders and everyone must follow. If you cannot complete the order, you are out. Play until one student standing or just have fun. You could use this game in connection with a pirate theme night or in tandem with a study on respect or following directions.

Game Play Options
• Five Minute Video – just play the video and let the fun happen.
• First Mate Directed – pick one person to be the First Mate. The First Mate could be the youth leader, a student leader, or this may be a great opportunity to let a quieter student give directions. The First Mate then calls out different actions, which are shown on the screen.

This Resource includes:
• Five minute “start and play” game video (MP4)
• Seven individual game actions (MP4 & JPEG)
• Title slide & Instruction slide (JPEG)


Richard Fleck

Richard is a 17 year youth ministry pastor and leader with a passion of reaching students with the message of Jesus.