First Five Conversations V2: A Parents' Primer to Understanding Teenagers

First Five Conversations V2: A Parents' Primer to Understanding Teenagers

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This resource positions the local church to partner with and equip parents/guardians to have thoughtful and engaging conversations with their teens that 1) help navigate the youth culture and, 2) identify how to follow Jesus in our current culture.


Doug's note: Fabulous content. Parents will eat this up! There's a lot here so you'll really need to think thru how you're going to use this... but, however you choose, it's good stuff!

Youth culture changes so fast that parents need real-life resources that they can use in the trenches today. This seminar bundle offers simple steps to equip parents to have crucial conversations with their teens.
These conversations include 1) Music, 2) Movies/Netflix, 3) Language, 4) Social Media, and 5) Gaming. These topics can lead to conversations on sex, drugs, relationships, etc. This resource helps get conversations started in the context of the family! This seminar bundle will empower any youth worker to provide a high-quality and simple parenting seminar in their local church.

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This Resource Includes: 

  • Getting ready guide (Word file)
  • Original article (Word file)
  • Sample seminar outline (Word file)
  • Article presenter notes (Word file)
  • Blank conversation planner (Word file)
  • PowerPoint presentation file
  • Graphics (jpeg files)

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About this Product
Start with the "Getting Ready" guide. This will walk the facilitator through everything needed to have a high quality and meaningful parenting seminar/workshop.

Eric West