Find Someone: Summer Edition

Find Someone: Summer Edition

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The next classic youth ministry game has arrived!


Get ready… the next classic youth ministry game has arrived. This free for all game gets your ministry to work together while simultaneously looking out for themselves. “Find Someone” gets your students to meet each other, find out information about them, and creates memories between them.

To play, you will have your entire ministry stand up, scatter around the room, and find someone that (for example) has been to the beach. If a student has been to the beach, they stay still. If a student hasn’t been to the beach, they have to go find one of the students that has. If a student is the last to “find somebody,” they are out!

This Resource Includes:

  • 16 Slides (15 game slides + 1 title slide)
  • Complete PowerPoint file 
  • 1 Editable Slide

Colton Harker