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Looking for an interactive way to teach a Thanksgiving lesson? Throw on a fanny pack, grab a few props you likely have laying around your office, and up your holiday message game!


Doug's note: Any opportunity to use a fanny-pack during a message... well, I'm in. Plus a game!

This message centers around how students need to thank and praise God, regardless of the season of life they are in. It gleans support from the life of David and the Psalms he wrote in both good times and bad...

Each section of the message has an item that you can store in the fanny pack to emphasize a point or illustration in the concepts of thanking God when life is awesome AND when you're broken and hurting - in all circumstances,

Note: This message includes slides to teach without the fanny pack object lesson enhancements as well. There is also a fun, Thanksgiving-themed stage game included.

This Resource Includes:
• Concept instructions (Word file)
• Complete teaching manuscript (Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• Complete graphics folder (jpeg files)
• Themed, active stage game, "Turkey Legs" (Word file)


Allison Williams