Faller or Baller

Faller or Baller

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A video-based game that tests the limits of human ability.


Your group will love this interactive, video-based game! Players or teams will see a short clip of someone that is trying to do the unthinkable, walk on a patch of ice. The clip will pause, and contestants will have to try and guess whether the subject is a faller (falls on ice), or baller (walks away unscathed). This game is trickier than you may guess, and a great kickoff to any program!

Show a video question file and when the video pauses at the end, have students decide whether the outcome will be “Faller” or “Baller.” Then, show the answer video file to reveal the answer.

This Resource Includes:
• 13 mp4 files (6 Questions and 6 Answers, 1 Title video)


Jared Mellema