Faith in a Frenzied World

Faith in a Frenzied World

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A 3-week message series on stress, loneliness, chaos—and the peace Jesus brings.


"Faith in a Frenzied World" is a 3-week teaching series about the chaos that young people face today. Life for all of us is often dominated by confusion and noise. But studies are showing that, for teenagers in particular, stress and loneliness characterize their lives now more than ever. But you didn't need the studies in order to know that, since you're a youth minister! Young people face increased expectations and demands. And there are the normal struggles and suffering in a creation gone wrong.

But in the frenzy of a fallen world, Jesus draws near with his peace. 

Each of these sessions will take us into the Gospels to see the care and help that Jesus brings to our brokenness.

Message topics include: 
- Week 1: "Peace in the Chaos" (Mark 4-5)
- Week 2: "Rest in a Stressed-Out Culture" (Luke 12)
- Week 3: "Love in a Lonely World" (Mark 1)

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This Resource Includes: 

  • 3 Teaching Manuscripts
  • 3 Small Group Guides 
  • Series Graphics for slides and social media (square and story formats)


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While this series can serve all ages, it might work best with high schoolers or college students, since their "emotional intelligence" would help in processing these experiences.
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