Extreme Dot Race

Extreme Dot Race

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Liven up your crowd with Extreme Dot Race! A video you can use to create a fun, lighthearted moment in the early parts of your program that will help create the kind of welcoming, relaxed environment where students want to be.
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Dot Race is an easy-to-use video-driven game that can be played with the entire group.

A sea turtle, a hotdog and a chicken sandwich walk into a dot race…You’ve seen the classic dot races from the ballpark. “Guess which dot will win!” BORING. Liven up your crowd with Extreme Dot Race! Who will win?!

(Spoiler alert: it’s the hot dog.)

How to Play: 

Option 1 - Stage Game: Bring up 3 contestants on stage. Introduce each contestant to the audience and have them pick which runner will win the race. Once the contestants have made their choice, play the video. Award a silly prize to the winning contestant.

Option 2 - Large Group Game: Have your audience vote/guess which runner they think will win. Have students sit, stand, or raise their hand to indicate their choice, or divide the room into 3 parts with students moving to the area which represents their vote. Once the students have chosen their winner, show the video. Whichever area of the room wins gets a candy shower thrown to them from the stage. 

This Resource Includes: 

  • 1 Video (1:22min) (mp4) 
  • Title graphic (jpg)

DYM Team

DYM Team

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