Emoji Movies: Animated Edition

Emoji Movies: Animated Edition

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This fast-paced guessing game will have contestants competing to be the first to name the animated movie described by the handful of emojis on the screen.
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This a fast-paced guessing game in which contestants compete to name the animated movie using the handful of emojis on the screen.

First, select the movie you would like to display and then give the game a spin. When it stops, contestants must be the first to guess the correct animated movie. [PRO TIP: Be sure the HIDE/SHOW Answer toggle switch on the PLAY tab is set to HIDE.]

1. UP-FRONT: Bring up a few contestants for a head-to-head challenge.
2. ALL PLAY: The first person to stand and give the correct answer gets a prize.
3. TEAMS: Give each group a sheet of paper. Go through 10 questions and have teams write down their answers. Then go through the answers. The team with the most correct answers wins. BONUS: There are more than enough questions in the file for a Tie-Breaker (or two!)

This Resource Includes:
• Title Slide (jpg)
• Background slide (jpg)
• Emoji Hunt Sidekick File

Emoji Hunt Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


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