Emoji Charades: Volume 1

Emoji Charades: Volume 1

GOLD members pay $4.06
Have a few contestants face off to guess the emoji charade the crowd is trying to act out. Great fun for everyone!


This could quickly become one of DYM’s most popular games. Our test crowds loved it!

We all use the emojis, but can you act them out? Have you ever wanted to see your whole group try to act out the smiling pile of poo? The beauty of this game is seeing your entire group trying to get the contestants to guess the right emoji.

Gameplay is simple: Get a few contestants on stage, where they can’t see the screen. Show the slide and watch the crowd act out the emoji. The first person to correctly show that emoji on their device gets a point!

What’s included:

    • Complete PowerPoint version of the game
    • Complete individual game slides (JPEG files): Title slide, 10 choice slides
    • Complete set of slides as videos (.mp4 files), with animation and background music, to liven up the game!

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Ken Leslie