Emoji Bingo

Emoji Bingo

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Bingo with emojis! Fun for teenagers and octogenarians alike!


EMOJI Bingo is bingo with emojis! (We’re hoping you already figured that out.) Simply print out as many bingo cards as you need and throw all the video files into your presentation software. Pass out the cards to your students and give them a pen/marker. Explain that you’re going to randomly display emojis on the screen. If that emoji is on their card, they need to mark that box.

Note: Each column has a specific type of emoji. If a poop emoji appears on the screen, they know to check the last column. If someone gets 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), they have to stand up and yell, “EMOJI!!!!!” Check their answer and give them a prize.

This Resource Includes:
• 300 printable bingo cards in both color and black & white (printer-friendly)
• “Spinner” video file
• 5 folders (one for each column). Each with 15 short clips of the spinner landing on an emoji.

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Parker Stech