Elements: Spiritual Gifts

Elements: Spiritual Gifts

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A 3-week series designed to challenge your students to use their gifts to make an impact in His name!


Too often our students get the message that their time to make a difference in your church is “out there” somewhere, sometime when they grow up. But, if your teenagers are Believers, then they have been gifted by the Spirit to serve the Church and God’s Kingdom. The time is now!

This 3-week study will help your students understand that the Holy Spirit works in and through Christ-followers to grow the Church, that Jesus paved the way for the Holy Spirit to empower all believers to serve, and to understand what spiritual gifts they’ve been given and how they might use them for the Church.

Here’s what’s included…
• 3 Leader’s Guides with Bible Background
• 3 weeks of Student Devotions
• 3 Parent Pages for at-home discipleship
• PowerPoint backgrounds and Promo Art
• Teacher Prep Video to help you prepare


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